Ryan Wartena

CEO and Co-Founder

Ryan Wartena, as CEO and co-founder of Geli, directs Geli’s business and products including the Geli Energy Operating System (Geli EOS) as an Internet of Energy platform. Ryan holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego and the Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in 2001.  His undergraduate and graduate research included computational methods in thermodynamics and analytic electrochemistry of molten salts. As a post-doctoral researcher at the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC, Ryan set up a battery development  & testing laboratory and worked on energy harvesting & microbattery technologies. His development of micro- and nano-batteries continued at MIT where he co-led the engineering team that introduced the world’s first self-assembled battery under the Director of Central Intelligence post-doctoral program. After his post-doc at MIT, he relocated to California and began Growing Energy Labs, Inc. (Geli) where he worked with companies including Panasonic and the Anaheim Public Utilities.  Ryan loves long-lived energy networks and his goal in life is to see the world operate on a renewably energized Internet of Energy. 

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